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Development Of Packaging Machinery Industry In China

From: 2016/5/28 11:17:08

Moderate China food and packaging machinery technology, value for money, has aclear price advantage. China's exports to Europe in food and packaging machineryproducts offer only international market 1/3 May 1/4. Our self-reliance producedan "automatic packing machine", you can not vacuum with vacuum chamber. Germanysimilar devices not only needs vacuum in the vacuum chamber, speed and onlyproducts of 70%, quotation is 5 times times the product price. China food andpackaging machinery exports continue to insist in the future offer advantages,it should increase the share of exports of large complete sets of equipment andhigh-tech products, tried to seize the commanding point in technology.
China packaging machinery manufacturing water steep level of industrial designthrough imitation, attracting foreign technology and capital, as well as the buyapproach to rapid globalization. Packaging machinery manufacturing company in China today are simply bought access to some key parts of globalization andwater steep technical reliability of sensitive

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