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Automatic Granule Packing Machine Is An Upgraded Version Of The New Equipment

From: 2016/5/28 11:17:32

Equipment design and user-friendly, and easy to maintain.
Full active particles packaging machine of job process roughly for "packaging Shang material--weighing said heavy--Xia material to forming--sealing and the playing code--packaging bags cut knife cut--for longitudinal seal hot collection forming", this process in the combined measurement, and business bags, and filling, and seal collection, and print batch, and intercept and the count, series packaging job, active end on fine particles class material of packaging, so widely to application Yu particles class drug, and sugar, and coffee, and fruit Jane, and tea, and MSG, and salt, and seed, small particles real packaging Shang.
With the development of automated industrial commodity production processes andmethods are now shaking changes have taken place. Packaging as a key link in theproduct process, and the degree of mechanization, automation and intelligencehas been improved. Automatic granule packing machine in the production on thebasis of the Basic, but also keep up with market demand, ongoing skillsdevelopment and product updates, package will be more prominent.

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